Personnel Assistant I (NAVSUP Europe)
Greece Souda Bay
πριν από 25 μέρες

NAVAR is seeking an entry-level Personnel Assistant to join our team supporting the U.S. Naval Support in Souda Bay, Greece.

This position will support NAVSUP with DEERS RAPID ID Cards. The ID Card Operator will perform all functions required to issue CAC cards and Teslin cards, and CAC issuance related tasks to include reviewing, researching, and verifying of source documents eligibility, and discussing entitlements as defined BUPERSINST 1750.

10C, and the DoD RAPIDS Workstation and Verifying Official Information Systems (VOIS), and the RAPIDS Training Guide on a daily basis.

The ID Card Operator is responsible for verifying recipient's eligibility for an ID card with 100% degree of accuracy and timeliness.

  • Performs routine tasks which require a knowledge of personnel procedures and rules, such as : providing simple employment information and appropriate lists and forms to applicants or employees on types of jobs being filled, procedures to follow, and where to obtain additional information;
  • ensuring that the proper forms are completed for name changes, locator information, applications, etc. and reviewing completed forms for signatures and proper entries;
  • or maintaining personnel records, contacting appropriate sources to secure any missing items, and posting items such as dates of promotions, transfer, and hire, or rates of pay or personal data.

    If this information is computerized, outside inquiries for simple factual information, such as verification of dates of employment in response to telephone credit checks of employees.

    Some receptionist or other clerical duties may be performed. May be assigned work to provide training for a higher level position.

    Detailed rules and procedures are available for all assignments. Guidance and assistance on unusual questions are available at all times.

    Work is spot checked, often on a daily basis.

    Essential Functions and Responsibilities

    The primary mission of the ID card office is to provide ID card services to active duty and selected reserve members of the Uniformed Services, DoD civilian employees, eligible contractor personnel, retirees and dependents, and other customers to include, but not limited to the following : US Government personnel, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Coast Guard (USCG), Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Public Health Service (PHS), Department of Commerce (DoC), and the National Oceanographic and Aeronautics Administration (NOAA).

    He / she manages the accountability and controls the issuance of military ID cards and CAC for Active component military.

    The ID Card Operator manages ID card stock to ensure there are no interruptions in the issuance of ID Cards / CACs. He / she will register, process, and maintain DEERS and RAPIDS information as part of Verifying Officials responsibilities on a daily basis.

    He / she prepares an agent letter authorizing the use of Commissary and Post Exchange privileges to eligible customers for government approval.

    In addition, the ID Card Operator performs routine operator level maintenance on RAPIDs Workstation and printers (i.e., change lamination and add toner, clean printers, etc.

    IAW applicable instructions, standards and best practices stated in the VOIS standards.

    Duties Include :

  • Performs a variety of general administrative tasks in support of the day-to-day operations of an office, group or customer.
  • Performs a variety of general administrative tasks, such as preparing reports and correspondence, answering phones, filing, and sorting and distributing mail, in support of the day-
  • to-day operations of an office, group or customer.

  • Compiles various contract, program, and financial data for use in the preparation of monthly status reports.
  • Collects and inputs timesheet data daily into automated accounting system and processes labor correction
  • As a custodian of DEERS records, shall be responsible for safeguarding said records from loss and unauthorized disclosures while under the custody or control.
  • Provisions for reasonable care include responsibility for opening working spaces and files at the commencement of duty hours and for locking these working spaces and files at the close of business.

  • Participates in special projects as required.
  • Ability to create, maintain, and update Standard Operating Procedures for day to day activities and processes
  • Responsible for managing the security of RAPIDS workstations that are under his / her purview.
  • Act as the primary site POC for Real time Automated Personnel Identification System (RAPIDS)
  • Maintain the Site Roster of RAPIDS users. Add and assign roles for the various categories of RAPIDS users.
  • Request a new DEERS logon ID for a new user, delete a DEERS logon ID, and up-date the security privileges on a previously issued DEERS logon ID.
  • Deactivate and report security violators.
  • Report SSM changes immediately to DEERS Security.
  • Maintain the Site Information (i.e. site name, site location address, site phone numbers, and site mailing address).
  • View or update the RAPIDS configuration utilities when needed and coordinate with the DMDC for any hardware / software changes and upgrades
  • Support all CAC-related stock items, including CAC cardstock, and printer consumables to include disposal of stock in accordance with BUPERSINST 1750.
  • 10 and RAPIDS User Guide

  • To preserve accountability for CAC cardstock, the SSM must follow the prescribed Issuance Logistic Portal acceptance procedures, including signing for stock, verifying card numbers in the carton, and accepting / rejecting each carton of a CAC shipment before the CAC UP can issue CACs from that carton.
  • Register, process and maintain the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) and the Real-Time Automated Identification System (RAPIDS) as part of a Verifying Official's responsibilities.
  • Perform all ID card and CAC issuance related tasks to include researching and reviewing source documents, verifying eligibility, and discussing entitlements as defined in AFI 36-
  • 3026 IP and the RAPIDS Training Guide.

  • Issues memorandums of authorization for use of Commissary and Post Exchange to eligible customers.
  • Perform routine operator maintenance on RAPIDS workstations and printers, i.e. change lamination, add toner, clean printers, etc.
  • Ensure maximum protection against compromise and theft of sensitive information and prevent the misuse or misappropriation of RAPIDS.
  • Ensure that all assigned RAPIDS workstations are operated, maintained, and secured according to these security procedures.
  • Maintain a file copy of the generic or type accreditation statement, and prepare unit-specific recommendations, through the appropriate chain of command, for input into the accreditation document, as required.

  • Implement training and awareness for RAPIDS security, and incorporate this training into the overall unit security and RAPIDS training programs.
  • Ensure that their unit’s contingency plans incorporate RAPIDS requirements.
  • Review the system audit trail. Investigate thoroughly any security violations, in coordination with the Security Manager.
  • Ensure the RAPIDS audit trails are reviewed at least weekly and that audit files are maintained for thirty days.

  • Immediately report any information system security incidents discovered regarding RAPIDS
  • Report incidents to the Identification Card Administration Project Management Office.
  • Immediately report any attempt to gain unauthorized access to Sensitive defense information, any system failure, or any suspected defect that could lead to unauthorized disclosure.
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